Our People
Louise Lamrock
Counsellor, Psychotherapist,
Family Educator
Louise  is the founder of Process Natural Therapy Centre. She brings to her roles 25yrs of understanding from a background of therapy, family education, family dispute resolution and management positions. 
She continues to undertake study, professional development and supervision. 

Counselling, Psychotherapy
Louise works with adults, couples and families, she offers hope through an empathic lens and is able to listen no matter what the circumstances. She has developed a style that enables her to work with both long and short term issues. Louise works with individuals to identify, develop and support functional daily habits. Her focus is relationships and the obstacles that get in the way of effective relating. 
Her clients feel it is easy to speak about issues with her because of her down to earth nature and compassionate approach to human difference.
Louise in her role as a FDRP works with individuals, couples and families. She has an ability to cut to the chase allowing her to assess and sort the dynamics. She does this by empowering the individuals to step into their own autonomy, then facilitating agreement when emotions are lowered.
Louise is passionate about building families she comes from a background of education and therapy. She believes that offering hope and pragmatic direction through education and coaching enables people  access  to better information. Therefore they are able to make better decisions for themselves together with their partners for their families.
Registered Clinical Member PACFA 21657
Registered/Accredited Attorney Generals Dept FDRP R1004466

Ingrid Montgomery 

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach


Take my hand and together we will make the journey? 


Ingrid works in the field of Psychotherapy with a focus on Adolescent Image issues relating to eating disorders and is passionate about offering support and counselling for carers of sufferers. 

She is involved with the Butterfly Foundation Organisation and does education and presentation work to Schools and Parent groups all over the North Shore.

Ingrid also offers general counselling for depression, anxiety, addiction, divorce, separation and relationship problems or anything that is causing pain and disruption to everyday life.

Her interest is also in Family of Origin and Genogram work which assists greatly in individual Counselling and Psychotherapy and  creates insight into who we are and where we came from  which in turn gives her clients a better understanding of who they are.

Ingrid is constantly training outside her practice in these areas to ensure that she not only gives her clients a safe confidential space to start the journey but also the best of her knowledge at all times.

Bachelor Human Change


Tao de Haas


Thank you, Tao, 10 year anniversary, and it is

thanks to you!”

Many past clients have contacted Tao, full of

gratitude and attributing their newfound success in

life and relationships to the work they completed

with him. This is extremely gratifying for Tao as he genuinely enjoys helping and guiding people to be the best they can be!


Tao has a great ability to get to the core of issues

and challenges quickly.  With over 30 years

experience in his field, Tao helps his clients gain

insight, greater self-awareness and understanding

about unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors

that are often blocking them from reaching their

potential.  He works with his clients to develop

practical strategies to make significant and often life changing improvements.


Tao is a public speaker specializing in the area of

Emotional Intelligence, and has made many

appearances on National Media including Channel Ten, Channel 7’s Sunrise, the ABC ‘s 7.30 Report and most recently he contributed to ABC’s Australian story. Tao is a published author appearing in various publications

nationally and internationally. Most recently, he

co-authored the book Leadership Is Upside Down.


Face to face sessions can be arranged in Gordon,

Sydney. Consultations can also be conducted by phone and Skype. 

Registered Clinical Psychotherapist Counsellor -

Executive Coach - Social Ecologist

DTM.  Dip.CH. Grad Dip (SE) Master Applied Science (SE)

Clinical Member CAPA. PACFA. ARCAP registered

Approved WorkCover NSW Counsellor

Approved by Medibank Private



Lynda Morton




Coach & Psychotherapist



Lynda has completed a Master’s degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, giving her a broad, in-depth understanding in relation to human change and behaviour. She has also undertaken further study regarding elder care.

Lynda previously worked at a women’s refuge working with domestic violence issues where she spent many years counselling and providing emotional support to women over 55, and their families.

It was at the refuge, together with her own experience in caring for her mother, that her interest grew in providing support to families caring for aged parents. Many of the women were victims of abuse by their siblings, who could no longer care for their mother.

Lynda worked together with the family helping to create a healthy balance between caring for others and themselves, finding solutions and compromises to benefit everyone and giving support to help balance the needs of all concerned.

Above all, Lynda will support you to identify your needs and goals - to help you to explore a full range of interventions; to assist you with behavioural change that will result in increased confidence, mastery and satisfaction as you manage challenging situations.


Registered Clinical Member PACFA 23065




Lisa Chapman





Lisa has been counselling individuals, couples and families for 17 years.   She combined her private practice with work in a clinical setting at a leading private treatment centre for many years.  There, she worked with clients and their families as they moved into recovery from trauma and abuse, mood disorders, addictions and relationship issues.  She continues to work with these same issues in her private practice with individuals, couples and familiies, combining a variety of modalities with new advances in neurobiology.




Lisa believes “When in doubt, just take the next small step” towards counselling and psychotherapy.  She believes that the safe space and safe relationship that she holds with her clients enables them to explore their responses and reactions to stressful life events.  She believes its essential for clients to understand why they think, feel and behave the way they do as a necessary precursor to establishing change moving forward.  It is then possible to equip clients with new skill sets and resources, as we are treating not only the symptoms, but the cause.



Lisa holds a BA from Carleton University in Canada and a post graduate Diploma of Counselling.  Additionally, she is certified in couples therapy and Brainspotting and is a registered member of the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia.







James Duguid



I am a registered psychologist with the psychologist Board of Australia since 2002.

I have worked in this role in both the public and private sectors during that time working with both adults and teenagers.

Over the past 15years I have worked with people on issues such as: depression and anxiety disorders (chronic worry, panic, social anxiety) alcohol and other drug use
( cannabis, benzoidiayepines) and chronic disease management (Chronic pain, diabetes, COPD, heart disease).
I have a particular interest in sport and exercise Psychology.

I accept medicare referrals via a GP mental health plan, GP enhancedd primary care plan for those with a chronic disease, and private clients with no referral. I adopt a cognitive -behavioural approach in a broad sense, with a particular interest in behavioural activation. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,and other Mindfulnesss based interventions.

I am available 2-9pm on Thursdays.